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5/31/20 – Dear Gafcon family, My hope is that the Memorial Day long weekend provided a time for reflection and proved a pleasant respite from your regular routine. Watching the news feeds from around the country it seemed at times as though the pandemic had magically ended. Streets were bustling, traffic was back, and our …read more

Why Mega Projects Fail

1/3/2020 – The Construction Leading Edge Podcast with Todd Dawalt Why Mega Projects Fail Founder and CEO, Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen was recently featured on “The Construction Leading Edge with Todd Dawalt”. Together, they discuss why megaprojects fail and how that affects you, regardless of what project size you’re working on. Listen on Apple Podcasts …read more

The Most Influential People in San Diego

12/17/2019 – SD Business Journal: SD500 – Special Edition – The Most Influential People in San Diego Yehudi Gaffen CEO, Gafcon Inc. Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen is leading the $1.2 billion Seaport Village redevelopment, a 70-acre site on the Embarcadero. He is the project manager and co-developer along with Protea Waterfront Properties partners jeffrey Essakow and …read more

Tembo Conference Table

In the arid desert landscape of Karoo, South Africa, once inhabited by the last of the Stone Age hunters, the San, Avoova has revived their ancient art techniques, as well as the local economy. This table exemplifies their work, creating fascinating octagonal designs through thoughtful mosaic placement of egg shells from local ostrich hatcheries. Taking …read more

Acacia and Baobab Wire Trees

Acquired through Avoova in Cape Town, South Africa David Blackie Born in Scotland in 1951 and educated there. Entered the banking world in 1968 and before being offered a 1 year contract in South Africa in 1976, I worked for a Swiss based private bank in London. After my year in South Africa, I was …read more

Why Red?

Our Gafcon logo icon consists of six colors and tribal codes.

Red stands for “We deliver complex projects that power vibrant communities.”