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11/2019 – SD Metro: 2019 Men of Influence

Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen founded Gafcon Inc. in 1987, a globally respected program/construction management consulting firm. As CEO, Gaffen has worked with owners on hundreds of projects including the $12 billion Shanghai Zizhu Purple Bay master plan; the $135 million AltaSea project at the Port of Los Angeles; the $100 million redevelopment of the Los Angeles Forum; and $46.25 billion in California education bond programs. Gaffen’s ultimate vision is to turn Gafcon over to its employees. He has had many companies approach him to purchase Gafcon, but has always declined, saying, “It would be like giving my kids up for adoption.” His son, Josh Gaffen, has been a significant leader in the organization for the past 10 years....Read More>

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