Labor Relations

Rigorous labor compliance monitoring and enforcement.
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Ventura, California

Helping owners navigate labor compliance complexity.

Labor law is a complex, ever-changing landscape. From education to entertainment, affordable housing to public works, each project requires an experienced and knowledgeable labor relations team—one that keeps up-to-date with federal, state, and local requirements to help building owners navigate a constantly evolving field.
Streamlining the labor relations process for project success.
Gafcon Labor Relations mitigates risk by ensuring contractors know the rules and regulations prior to starting work on projects. The effectiveness of our custom tools and processes gained us recognition as one of California’s first State-Approved Labor Compliance Programs.

Our Labor Compliance services include:
  • Labor compliance program management, design, implementation, and enforcement
  • Project labor agreement / project stabilization agreement management
  • Skilled and trained workforce monitoring and compliance
  • Disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) commercially useful function auditing and reporting
  • Workforce demographics monitoring and reporting
  • Workforce participation monitoring and reporting
  • Community outreach
  • Contractor outreach
  • Equal employment opportunity monitoring and reporting
  • Small, minority, women, disadvantaged, and disabled veteran business enterprise participation outreach
  • SBX 2-9 compliance
With Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) becoming increasingly common in Southern California, owners need a firm with the experience to manage their agreements and ensure the successful delivery of all projects.

Gafcon Labor Relations has managed over $10 billion in construction projects subject to PLAs, for both public and private owners. We understand what it takes to make the agreement and the project a success.

From negotiations and implementation to agreement management, we partner collaboratively with all parties involved. Through our experience in the labor compliance field, we have developed a keen understanding of all trades and their applicable duties, allowing us to effectively work with trade representatives to prevent issues before they arise.

We approach PLA compliance the same way we do all our services: with clear, honest, open communication and a commitment to work in partnership with all stakeholders to deliver the project on time with no hindrances.
Understanding the ever-changing skilled and trained legislation can be overwhelming, and ensuring compliance can be extremely difficult. Gafcon Labor Relations has experience designing, implementing, and enforcing skilled and trained programs, and we can help you avoid any difficulties on your projects. Contractors at all tiers are required to have a certain percentage of journeymen be graduates of state-approved apprenticeship programs. It is imperative to closely monitor the prime contractors on your projects, as well as their subcontractors.
A key component of any successful construction project is local business and resident participation. Utilizing local contractors supports their economic resilience, and consulting the local community fosters strong public and stakeholder support. Having worked on numerous projects in communities throughout California, Gafcon Labor Relations embraces the importance of community buy-in and participation. We collaborate with owners, contractors, and local community groups to create, champion, and track a program for local hire and participation.
“Stockton Unified School District has been extremely pleased with the work Gafcon has done in ensuring our Labor Compliance Program runs effectively and meets all state requirements. They have a deep understanding of the local contracting base and have helped us maintain great working relationships with local labor organizations.”
— Michelle S. Spragg, Stockton Unified School District, Facilities Planning Department

Strengthening client reputations and community goodwill.

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When you partner with Gafcon Labor Relations, you receive the collective knowledge of industry experts with critical experience delivering labor consulting services as a collaborative partner—focused on providing long-term solutions that leave a lasting, positive impact on your organization and the community.

Lizette Rodriguez

Director of Labor Relations