Comprehensive PM/CM services to deliver dynamic projects.

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Tailoring solutions to build your vision through our integrated services.

Gafcon Management takes command of multilayered projects by applying decades of specialized experience. We leverage technology and management tools and processes to ensure transparency and facilitate confident decision-making while never losing sight of an owner's objectives and perspective.
Program Management
Having contributed to the success of more than $50 billion in public and private programs, Gafcon Management has developed an incredible depth of strategic resources that support you in exceeding your program objectives and delivering value long after your program is complete. Every program is unique so we tailor our services to meet your specific goals. Whether it is day-to-day management or staff augmentation support, we have the program management expertise you require. We endeavor to ensure your facilities continue to operate with economy and efficiency, and our collaboration with you creates a positive impact within the community.
Project Management
Gafcon Management proudly employs leading professionals in construction project management—tenacious perfectionists committed to lifelong learning. These creative strategists unearth cost savings and preemptively mitigate challenges to achieve your vision. Our project managers leverage our in-house industry experts in crucial areas such as constructability, cost management, scheduling, and construction technology to add value without adding cost.
Construction Management
Gafcon Management’s construction managers have walked thousands of construction sites to safeguard our clients’ visions and validate quality through a collaborative approach. Through the execution of detailed constructability, peer, and value engineering reviews, as well as a host of other proven Gafcon processes, we reduce risk, encourage safety, and foster a collaborative environment focused on a single goal: yours.
Project Controls
Gafcon Management applies robust technologies with automated business logic and on-demand performance reporting. We ensure the right people are in place to identify, set, and manage expectations, while having the resources to effectively mitigate risks that could adversely affect desired outcomes. We continue to build upon program control foundations such as scope planning and management, cost and fund management, change management, schedule management, and risk management in order to deliver a comprehensive assessment of any program or project.
Gafcon Management’s proprietary budget development software provides detailed, accurate project budgets designed specifically for early budget development. Unlike our competitors, we do not use a general rule-of-thumb estimating process to create budgets. We perform a detailed analysis of the proposed project to understand use, siting, and projected square footage using more than 1,000 different parameters that contribute to our budget development to keep projects on track and on budget.
One of the most critical components of planning and construction, Gafcon Management’s scheduling starts with the Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule. Your project is a journey, and a high-quality CPM schedule plays many roles, including prophet, guide, and historian. Your schedule looks ahead to proactively identify challenges, advocate efficiency, and communicate potential delays or disruptions. It provides a record of lessons learned as the project progresses and can also assist in quantifying damages after project completion.
Cost Estimating
Whether your project is public or private, large or small, you require every tool at hand to keep it financially on track. Gafcon Management considers the latest industry trends, accounts for inflation, and utilizes a database built upon costs from real projects to develop quality estimates that project costs. We review contractor change orders to ensure they reflect realistic industry costs. Our cost reviews during construction can save up to 20% of the potential cost of changes and aid in maintaining a project’s financial health.
Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)

Projects and programs require a sole source of truth where the entire team can track all facilities and construction activities. Gafcon Management has developed key configurations inside technology solutions to portray the progression of your project in real-time with visibility into cost, scope, and schedule. We are technology agnostic and partner with software companies to leverage best-in-class solutions for each client's needs to support the entire lifecycle of a projectfrom concept and construction through ongoing operations and maintenance.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)/Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)
Gafcon Management can “build” your project before it is built. Leveraging BIM and VDC technology minimizes surprises and risk once it enters the construction stage and increases quality and efficiency for the life of your project. This technology enables effective multidisciplinary constructability reviews and value engineering and facilitates the development of realistic cost and schedule-reduction strategies to prepare the entire team before groundbreaking.
Peer & Constructability Review
The cost-saving methods employed by Gafcon Management during design and construction reduce risk, time, and cost impacts through detailed peer and constructability reviews and value engineering. Our design review processes significantly reduce the number of post-design RFIs and can detect clashes and design coordination challenges during the design evolution. It allows us to mitigate the costs and time impacts of change orders.
Gafcon Management provides clients with strategic, well-executed communications programs that incorporate every form of outreach, including well-designed and user-friendly websites, newsletters, reports and specialty publications, performance dashboards, and well-organized events.

We are committed to proactively telling the story of each client’s accomplishments while building and maintaining public trust and confidence. We excel in working collaboratively with community advisory and oversight boards and groups to move forward publicly funded projects. Our seasoned communications staff provides everything from strategic member recruitment and management of meeting agendas and activities to presentations and meeting minutes, as well as ensuring full compliance and transparency with state requirements that support these important, valued advisory groups.
“Not only is their level of preparation and execution unmatched in the profession, but their planning and foresight is nearly unbelievable, leading to an exceptional track record in getting the job done on a timely basis, while keeping the client and CBOC fully informed of all material facts.”
— Ken Sobel, CBOC Chairman (Former), Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

We anticipate challenges and make the complex simple to deliver with certainty.

gafcon management
Our philosophy is to become our client’s partner and anticipate their needs. It is the cornerstone foundation allowing us to create value in delivering complex projects and programs. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to collaborating with our clients to establish clear expectations of goals, then tailoring our approach to save time and money while delivering with the highest quality.

Cade McMullin

Vice President, PM/CM Public