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5/4/18 – Voice of San Diego Sponsored Content: Game-changer for San Diego’s downtown waterfront

Kinsee Morelan interviews Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen regarding Protea Waterfront Development’s vision for the 70-acre Seaport San Diego project. “That’s a big project. A game changer for downtown San Diego’s waterfront,” states Kinsee, Engagement Editor with the Voice of San Diego, “What are you most looking forward to in a few years for downtown San Diego’s development?” Gaf describes how the team is creating a new district for San Diego, “I think what’s special to me, and this relates to the Seaport San Diego site, is that there aren’t many places in the world in an urban environment that you have a site that big. Some people forget or don’t realize that Seaport Village is only 13-acres of that 70-acres that’s known as Seaport San Diego.” The opportunity to actually re-vision a parcel of that size in that location is very unique and very special and has the potential to be transformative for downtown.

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