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Leadership During Uncertainty


5/11/2020 – An interview series from ULI San Diego-Tijuana
While none of us can predict the future, what are you doing now in anticipation of business and/or markets coming back online?

“Gaf” Gaffen, CEO & Founder, Gafcon, Inc.

Thanks to our early and robust adoption of online collaboration technology and a move to the Cloud, our systems are strong and secure. Most of our workforce has now been working virtually for weeks and as a staff of 150 employees we average over 500 internal and external Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings a day. We have found we are just as productive now as we were before–if not more so. It is easy to be productive when you cannot leave your "office." But when we return to our offices throughout Southern California, we are looking at ways to ensure the health and safety of our staff. We are reaching out to them individually, in groups by department, and carrying out companywide surveys so we can understand what makes them most comfortable for when we return to in-person cooperative and collaborative office life.

As a company, our purpose is to help owners deliver complex projects that power vibrant communities and it is more relevant than ever. At Gafcon, we stand for innovation and this extends to the growing array of services we offer with the goal of making the construction process more efficient, thereby reducing our carbon footprint while saving time and money as well as creating value for our clients, our company, and our community.

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