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Modern Contractor Solutions: Digital Transformation

06/10/20 – Three ways digitization could change the construction industry If you’ve followed the predictions of construction industry technologists over the last decade you could be forgiven for skepticism about the current hype. Similar to Chicken Little’s warning about the falling sky in the children’s fable (turns out it was just an acorn), the promised …read more

iotevolutionworld: EDGE Feature News

06/02/20 – Object Management Group Forms Digital Twin Consortium By Ken Briodagh Non-profit trade association Object Management Group (OMG), along with founders Ansys, Dell Technologies, Lendlease and Microsoft, recently announced the formation of a new Digital Twin Consortium. Members of the Digital Twin Consortium reportedly will collaborate across multiple industries to learn from each other …read more Digital Twins Get Their Own Consortium

05/21/20 – Finally, Digital Twins Get Their Own Consortium By Michael Alba Ansys, Microsoft, Dell, and Lendlease are founding members of the Digital Twin Consortium. “A digital twin technology explosion is about to occur,” says the Digital Twin Consortium, a newly formed open membership organization that intends to tame the often-muddy concept of digital twins. …read more

Current and Updated Musings …

5/31/20 – Dear Gafcon family, My hope is that the Memorial Day long weekend provided a time for reflection and proved a pleasant respite from your regular routine. Watching the news feeds from around the country it seemed at times as though the pandemic had magically ended. Streets were bustling, traffic was back, and our …read more

Gafcon Becomes Groundbreaking Member

05/21/20 – Gafcon Becomes Groundbreaking Member of Digital Twin Consortium™ Gafcon to use construction project management expertise to help advance the use of digital twin technologies Gafcon, Inc. is honored to announce that it is a Groundbreaking member of the newly formed Digital Twin Consortium™, a global partnership between academia, industry and government. Founded by …read more

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