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In 2013 the LACCD bond program was under scrutiny by the media. The District hired AECOM, with Gafcon as a partner, to take over the management of the District’s Proposition A/AA and Measure J Bond Program. The Gafcon team quickly deployed to relocate and set up IT systems and new processes. They applied new technology to capture data to increase the Program’s stability and compliance. With these added program controls the new program management team was able to better analyze data from scheduling, cost and performance perspectives. The result was the presentation of information and trends that allowed District and program leadership to make well-informed decisions.

Gafcon’s team of BIM experts developed BIM Guidelines, Standards and Implementation Plans for the District. Their work ensures that construction data relevant to reducing costs of the operation phase of the buildings is being collected and controlled in the manner that would create the highest value. After a year on the program the team, under AECOM’s leadership, has been recognized for its work by the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) through the receipt of the 2015 Program Management Merit Award. LACCD’s Oversight Committee reported in early 2015, “Workflow, technology, procurement, closeout, change orders, master plan and legal procedures have all been analyzed and improved. The result has been projected program savings, expanded transparency and increased efficiency.”