At the time I was serving as the Vice Chairman of the Board and Corporate General Counsel for Hotel del Coronado Board Association. The China Basin building at an 800 ft wooden warf that burned one evening. It was one of the largest fires in San Francisco history. We brought Gafcon on board to help us rebuild the building. Gafcon brought to the table the expertise that we needed to get the project done right. They were the project manager. They were the owner’s representative. So they oversaw everything. They oversaw the general contractor and all the other professionals. So they were really, if you want to use a sports term, they were the “quarterback” for the team. I look for three things when I look for someone like Gafcon. First and foremost is integrity. They have to have that integrity. Second is competence. They have to have to be knowledgeable in what they do. And the third is communication. Do they communicate well with what needs to be done, the costs that going to be incurred, and what to expect when its finish. In all three categories, Gafcon just excels. You cannot hire a better company than Gafcon. My experience, and I have quite a bit of experience of the years, if you are dealing with Gafcon, you are dealing with the best.

Tim Binder, Vice Chairman of the Board | China Basin Landing