Program Management

Your program is a significant investment that deserves more than on-budget, on-time delivery. As a program management firm who has contributed to more than $50B in public and private programs internationally, Gafcon, Inc. has developed an incredible depth of resources that offer strategic opportunities to support you in exceeding your program objectives and delivering value long after your program is complete.

Anticipating Our Clients’ Needs

Staying ahead of trends within the construction industry enables Gafcon, Inc. to forecast the future of program management, proactively anticipating our clients’ needs and focusing our services to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems. Every program is unique, and our services are tailored to meet your specific goals. Whether it’s day-to-day management or staff augmentation support, Gafcon, Inc. has the in-house program management expertise you require.

Creating Value for Our Clients

Natural problem solvers, our program managers scale in and out of the program to understand the full context of your business and offer solutions that go far beyond program and project delivery—from creative value engineering strategies to state-of-the-art program management tools that provide value long after the last program dollar has been spent. We endeavor to make certain that your facilities continue to operate with a synergy of economy and efficiency, and that we have collaborated with you to create a positive impact within our vibrant community. It’s the Gafcon Way.

Project Management

There is only one opportunity to build your project correctly. However, the project lifecycle offers many opportunities for added value…if you have the right resources.

Delivering with the Highest Quality

Gafcon, Inc. is proud to represent some of the industry’s leading professionals in construction project management. They are tenacious, with a thirst for knowledge, and client objectives are their top priority. They are also creative strategists, unearthing cost savings and preemptively mitigating challenges. Perfectionists to the core, you can rest assured your project will be delivered with an emphasis on quality.

To Gafcon, Inc., delivering with the highest quality means encouraging collaboration at every level, including within our internal team. Our project managers have access to some of the industry’s leading experts in areas like constructability, cost management, scheduling, and construction technology. From the conceptual phase to project close-out, this means that we offer you lean project management teams with powerful resources that add value with no added cost.

Construction Management

With more than 30 years of experience under our tool belts, Gafcon, Inc.’s construction managers have walked thousands of construction sites, safeguarding our clients’ vision and validating quality through a collaborative construction management approach.

Our Clients’ Partner

When is the best time to consult a construction manager? Well before your project proceeds out of CADD and onto the construction site. But whenever our boots hit the ground, Gafcon, Inc.’s construction managers leverage a robust toolbox of proven methodologies to mitigate risk before the first shovel meets the dirt. Through the execution of detailed constructability, peer, and value engineering reviews, as well as a cadre of other proven Gafcon, Inc. processes, we minimize risk, encourage safety, and foster a collaborative environment that is focused on a single goal: yours.

Why Light Blue?

Our Gafcon logo icon consists of six colors and tribal codes.

Light Blue stands for “Look beyond the obvious to find solutions to complex problems.”