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Seaport San Diego to Improve Bayfront


3/25/2018 – Times of San Diego: Developers Revise Plans for Seaport San Diego to Improve Bayfront Access


The developers of the $1.2 billion Seaport San Diego project have presented revised plans to the Port of San Diego that take into account a recently discovered earthquake fault and provide improved access to the bay.

All of the signature elements remain, including the 480-foot spire, two hotels, a hostel, a retail marketplace, an aquarium and offices, as well as significant waterside improvements, including a revitalized commercial fishing basin at the historic Tuna Harbor site.

The fault required moving a planned underground parking structure and the project’s main hotel, but in the process created improved access to San Diego Bay.

“We’re increasing the public realm on the tidelands and bringing people to the water — getting them into it by creating a public plaza at the water’s edge and a beach,” said Yehudi ‘Gaf’ Gaffen, managing partner of the development team 1HWY1, and CEO of the Gafcon construction firm.

The port selected 1HWY1 in 2016 to develop the 70-acre site and will vote on the final plan later this year.

“I am pleased with the work 1HWY1 has done so far with our staff, stakeholders and the public and look forward to seeing the final project description,” said Port Chairman Rafael Castellanos after the March 13 presentation.

“This is a very beautiful project,” Commissioner Dan Malcolm said at Tuesday’s hearing. “It is a world-class project. I felt that way when I approved it and I feel that way today.”

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