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SDMETRO: Computers Being Refurbished by Gafcon


04/14/20 - Gafcon workers put down hard hats and hammers to refurbish district computers so they can be used in distance learning

San Diego Unified School District students receiving laptops for distance learning have Gafcon, Inc. construction project managers to thank for playing a role in making these critical virtual learning tools.

The San Diego-based international program, project and construction management firm has several ongoing construction projects at SDUSD campuses. Deemed essential workers in California, they were on site when they learned of the need to help refurbish laptops for students and staff to use remotely when “distance learning” begins on April 27. They put down their hard hats and hammers and jumped in.

Working with the District’s IT staff, the Gafcon team visited multiple closed campuses to update older computers with new software. Although they are not IT workers by trade, the construction team was nonetheless enthusiastic to help the district and the students and teachers who would otherwise not have computers to continue the school year.

Sixteen of Gafcon’s employees are helping, with four leading the seven teams that are working on the project. The teams perform a multi-step process that includes locating the computers on the school campus. They test, scan, disinfect and package each computer before loading them into the trucks to be distributed to students and teachers.

In one day alone, one of the Gafcon-led teams processed 2,100 computers. Read More>

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