Press Release

Tembo Conference Table


In the arid desert landscape of Karoo, South Africa, once inhabited by the last of the Stone Age hunters, the San, Avoova has revived their ancient art techniques, as well as the local economy. This table exemplifies their work, creating fascinating octagonal designs through thoughtful mosaic placement of egg shells from local ostrich hatcheries. Taking inspiration from Gafcon’s logo, our co-founder, Pam Gaffen, worked collaboratively with Avoova to synergize traditional design with modern use—the result is the captivating conference table in front of you.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, this table is a testament to Gafcon’s commitment to supporting global communities. As a small business in South Africa, whose heart and spirit lie in the Karoo, Avoova is dedicated to hiring locals, working to combat the Karoo’s greatest threat: poverty and unemployment.

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