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Gafcon Offers New Pandemic Return-to-Office Technology Service Solution


SAN DIEGO, CA (June 22, 2020)---If only preparing facilities for the return of employees and clients after the COVID-19 stay-home orders were as easy as turning on the light switches. Facility owners, operators and managers, using government checklists, must have the people and finances in place to address everything from workstation distancing and conference room uses to air ventilation and handwashing stations. Failure to implement these return-to-office readiness elements is not only a liability, but can be the difference between life and death.

How can facilities maximize the preparation of their spaces and their people for a return to the office? What if there was technology available to help those who oversee facility readiness prepare, plan, communicate and manage government funding?

Gafcon, Inc. has created a process that allows those who own, operate and manage multiple facilities to plan and manage each readiness task in real time, including funding or reimbursement for these activities, and more. This results in an organized, efficient way to manage multiple projects, contractors and funds while ensuring that spaces are ready for work.

Step 1 - Assessment: Based on the industry and facilities usage, a readiness assessment is performed that includes recommendations for space management and re-allocation, templates to conduct readiness checks for individual facilities and, importantly, a roadmap for installing or upgrading existing software systems that track these activities.

Step 2 - Solution: Gafcon helps key departments work together toward return to office readiness and drive accountability for the entire team. The facilities manager uses Gafcon recommended standards of practices to manage facilities condition assessments, create work orders, measure and track readiness activities in real time and facilitate efficient collaboration between team members. A human resources department could use it to ensure that return to office conditions are established, know when and how key milestones are met and communicate with employees.

Step 3 - Ongoing Benefits: In addition to the long-term tracking of government funds usage, which will be important when seeking reimbursements or loan forgiveness, the ongoing process is an important tool for helping facility managers ensure a healthy workplace into the future. This also includes readiness should another COVID-19 shut down order require facility closure. Gafcon’s post-pandemic readiness solution provides a unique, new-to the market, efficient and cost-savings way for facilities looking to welcome people back to a healthy, safe workspace.

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About: Gafcon is a leader in construction project management with major projects throughout California and worldwide. Gafcon delivers complex projects to power vibrant communities. For more information, please visit 

Gafcon is a leader in construction project management with major projects throughout California and worldwide. Gafcon delivers complex projects that power vibrant communities. For more information, visit 

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