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Gafcon, Inc. Surges Ahead in ENR Rankings of Nation’s Top 50 Program Management and Top 100 Construction Management firms


California-based firm moves to #32 from #41 in Program Management Firms, and to #50 from #62 in Construction Management Firms.

SAN DIEGO (June 13, 2019) – California-based Gafcon, Inc., a leading program, project and construction management firm, has been recognized again among the Top 50 Program Management and Top 100 Construction Management firms in the U.S. by Engineering News Record (ENR). With offices in San Diego, Los Angeles County and Orange County, Gafcon manages and directs complex projects both nationally and internationally and is dedicated to providing communities with a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

Reflecting robust growth, Gafcon leaped ahead in the ENR rankings, placing at #32 for Program Management Firms (moving up from #41 in 2018) and #50 for Construction Management Firms (moving up from #62 in 2018) with $31.0 million in revenue. The rankings are based on total revenue for each firm.

PROPOSED QUOTE: “At Gafcon, we believe quite strongly in imbuing community benefit into the fabric of our projects. This recognition as one of the Top 100 PM/CM firms in the nation reflects our continued commitment to our values,” said Gafcon CEO Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen. “We look forward to advancing our work at the forefront of our industry, relentlessly pursuing knowledge and implementing cutting-edge techniques in real time.”

In its 30-plus years of operation, Gafcon has managed projects for school districts, ports, developers and others. Two of its most high-profile projects will reshape the waterfronts of San Diego and Los Angeles. At the Port of San Diego, Gafcon is providing essential management and technology services to Protea Waterfront Development for Seaport San Diego, the future redevelopment of 70 acres of waterfront alongside Downtown San Diego. With an iconic tower, along with a blue campus and a revitalized commercial fishing basin, plus other commercial components, it is being designed as a memorable destination for locals and visitors while providing 70% public-realm space. At the Port of Los Angeles, AltaSea has selected Gafcon to provide project management services for a new 35-acre campus located in San Pedro. Built on a historic pier with access to the deep ocean, the campus will expand science-based understanding of the ocean, incubate and sustain ocean-related business, and pioneer new ocean-related education programs.

Gafcon’s heavy investment in cutting-edge technology and talent is reflected in the development of new approaches to specialized Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. In today’s world, there are many advantages yielded by an ability to optimize the efficiency of practitioners in construction and building management through the creation of a shared digital model for all members of the project team.

Gafcon’s industry leadership is epitomized by the highly qualified staff that the firm recruits, retains and tasks with executing the initiatives of the business. Led by president and chief operating officer Robin Duveen, three of Gafcon’s prominent technology thought leaders are John Turner, Tiffany LaBruno and Sean Olcott.

Turner, vice president of innovation solutions, provides executive leadership by advancing the overall technological goals, strategies and visions for Gafcon’s Professional Services and BIM teams while concurrently managing partnerships with Oracle, Kahua, e-Builder and others.

LaBruno, director of professional services, led the delivery of Gafcon’s 2013-2019 Technology Roadmap, which included the implementation of over 100 custom business processes in Primavera Unifier, a program management information system. Tiffany is currently working on the San Diego Regional Airport Terminal 1 project.

Olcott, virtual design and construction technical director, leads Gafcon’s BIM services practice, a group focused on project owners’ requirements for best practice utilization of BIM technology, which helps Gafcon’s clients implement solutions that deliver value long after projects have been completed.

As industry thought leaders, Gafcon’s team members are sought-after speakers on topics including opportunities in technology for project owners and their representatives; managing risks in the cyber world for virtual building technologies; and strategies for building livable, secure and resilient cities with Artificial Intelligence, robotics and other innovative technologies. At the June 2019 ENR FutureTech, Gafcon presented the keynote address, “Construction technology development from the megaproject owner’s point of view.”

Other recent Gafcon team presentations include sessions at 2019 AEC Next, 2019 Coalition for Adequate School Housing Conference, 2019 Oracle Conference, 2019 San Diego Startup Week, 2018 A/E/C Technology Conference, 2018 DSA 20/20 Focus on the Future and 2018 BIMObject Live in Sweden.

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Gafcon, Inc. provides comprehensive services in construction, program and project management, as well as construction consulting support. The company’s techniques and methodology were developed as a response to increasing client demand for more effective controls on their project design, focusing on controlling cost, time and quality. Gafcon’s diverse portfolio includes projects from the educational, residential, governmental, public works and commercial sectors. As an award-winning firm, Gafcon has been recognized in Engineering News Record's Top 100 Construction Management Firm List and has been called one of the 100 fastest-growing architectural, engineering & environmental consulting firms in the United States. Gafcon has also received numerous awards applauding their application of technology in its business practices, namely Gold and Silver Constructech Vision Awards. Learn more at

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