Seaport San Diego

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In 2016, the Unified Port of San Diego awarded Protea Waterfront Development the highly anticipated $2.4B redevelopment of 70-acres of premier waterfront located between Downtown San Diego and the San Diego Bayfront. As the active Managing Partner of the Seaport San Diego project, Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen will steward the project to its successful completion by providing leadership and direction for the strategy and execution with Gafcon providing program management services. Gaf has skillfully selected a team of associated partners and assembled an experienced team of world-renowned professional consultants with both local and national perspectives to implement the design and vision. Built over the next decade, the project will include a 480-foot observation tower; partially underground aquarium; three hotels; shops and restaurants; 30 acres of new parkland; beaches and promenades; and upgraded facilities for commercial fishing fleets and pleasure craft. Seaport San Diego will be an interactive, diverse district offering recreational, commercial, cultural and educational attractions with vital, ongoing programs and activities while incorporating the rich aquatic heritage of the region.