Grossmont Healthcare District

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Gafcon served as an extension to the Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (ICBOC) providing document controls, project controls and support services for Grossmont Healthcare District’s Proposition G bond program.

In 2006, Proposition G passed authorizing the District to issue up to $247 million in general obligation bonds, approximately $225 million of which are to be used at Sharp Grossmont Hospital for the completion of the Emergency and Critical Care Center; Central Power Plant Expansion to support increased bed and operating room capacity; East Tower Infrastructure and Renovation; construction of a new three-story Diagnostic and Treatment Building linking the existing Women’s Center and Main Hospital; Operating/Interventional Room and Surgical Support Expansion; and Pharmacy and Laboratory Relocation.

Gafcon established paperless meetings with all documents centrally filed, tracked, and located on a secure portal accessible 24 hours a day. Documents are referenced during ICBOC meetings, demonstrating true transparency and supporting the commitment to sustain paperless operations. Additionally, Gafcon provided the support required in communicating relevant bond program updates to the community through comprehensive mid-year and annual reports. Gafcon also provided risk management and financial reports to the CEO, Legal Counsel, Board of Directors, and the ICBOC. In 2008, the San Diego Taxpayers Association recognized the ICBOC as “an exemplary model of quality oversight” and Independent audits over the life of the program indicate a clean bill of financial health with no deficiencies or inconsistencies in internal controls or compliance.