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Patch: Gafcon Announces Pandemic Return-to-Office Service


07/28/20 - Gafcon Announces Pandemic Return-to-Office Service
Service Relies Heavily on Technology Solutions
By Sarah Austin, Neighbor

San Diego-based Gafcon Inc.'s Return-to-Office service allows those who own, operate and manage property to implement a pandemic readiness solution that provides a technologically savvy, efficient and cost-saving way for property owners looking to welcome people back to a healthy, safe workspace. Relying heavily on available technology, Gafcon's service offers an organized, efficient way to manage multiple projects, contractors and even the expenditure of government funds across multiple facility locations while ensuring that spaces are ready for use.

If you would like to learn more about this service and schedule interviews with Gafcon representatives, please reach out to Denise Nix at TW2 Marketing. For more information on Gafcon's technology solutions, please visit Read More>

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