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06/10/20 - Three ways digitization could change the construction industry

If you’ve followed the predictions of construction industry technologists over the last decade you could be forgiven for skepticism about the current hype. Similar to Chicken Little’s warning about the falling sky in the children’s fable (turns out it was just an acorn), the promised mass reckoning for industry laggards and Luddites has not yet materialized. But just because a prediction hasn’t come true yet doesn’t mean it won’t. The growing demand for built infrastructure and Silicon Valley’s generous subsidization of innovation seem to indicate that the construction industry will soon reach its tipping point.

About the authors
Sean Olcott, technical director at Gafcon (, has been at the bleeding edge of industry innovation since 2006. Prior to joining Gafcon in 2013, Sean worked at industry start-ups that brought emerging solutions to the market for Building Information Modeling, business process outsourcing, managed service cloud platforms, and digital twin technologies. At Gafcon, he helps project owners make sense of the expanding alphabet soup of industry technology acronyms (PMIS, VDC, BI, EDMS, CMMS, IoT, UAV, AR, VR, and more!) to design and implement solutions that enhance collaboration, drive accountability, and increase predictability on their capital building programs and projects. Read More>

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