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Construction Business Owner: Leaders on the Changes


02/06/20 - Construction Business Owner: What Aspect of Your Business Has Evolved Most Over the Last Decade? 3 industry leaders on the changes they've seen their companies undergo

Marty Glaske
Senior Vice President of Business Development, Gafcon, Inc.

Historically, construction has been an inefficient industry. Today’s owners want more sophistication and predictability in safety, cost, schedule and quality—areas that have been siloed traditionally.

As owners’ representatives, Gafcon realized that we needed to be change agents for the design and construction industry, working proactively to discover opportunities that influence every phase of the building life cycle, from conception through operation, facilitating a unified evolution and eliminating the information silos. So, we developed a task force of leaders, in both technology and project construction, to identify opportunities for improvement, focusing specifically on the digital building life cycle. Read More>

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