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October 2017 - Ranch & Coast Magazine - Downtown Dynamos
Yehudi Gaffen
CEO, Gafcon
Always a man with a vision. Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen recalls “standing in front of the Star of India in 1978 and dreaming about what the downtown could become.” And much has come to pass since. A founder of Gafcon as well as a principal of Protea Waterfront Development (changed with the Seaport San Diego Project). Gaffen says the biggest change he has seen in the 25 years he has worked here and the 16 years he has lived here is the increase in the number of people who live downtown. ‘And it’s just the beginning.” He says. Naturally, his favorite downtown activity is “continuing to reimagine the waterfront, especially Seaport.” Gaffen notes that he would also like to see more “comfortable and interesting public streets and alleys” for the residents and visitors to use day and night. He looks to collaborate with public agencies to work on a cohesive, comprehensive, and connected plan for all of downtown – in particular between the city and port. “No [development] silos.”

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