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New Tennis Courts at Grossmont College


2/26/15 – Union-Tribune: Tennis courts designed to wear longer and clear away rain water better, are open to the public. — Grossmont College.

New tennis courts at Grossmont College

EL CAJON — Tennis courts designed to wear longer and clear away rain water better are ready for play at Grossmont College.

The project modernized the campus’ 10 tennis courts, renovated nearby bathroom facilities and created more parking space for those with disabilities. Started in August, the new courts opened to the public Monday.

The college’s tennis classes and tennis teams have already been playing on the courts. While they have first dibs on them, they are otherwise up for grabs to the public.

“As long as there is a court open, you can play,” said Anne Krueger, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District spokeswoman.

Installed in 1967, the campus courts were overdue for a redo. Frequent cracking and drainage problems called for repeated repairs. The district found solutions that offer players better performance and are better for the environment.

The surface of the new courts features a post-tensioned concrete slab reinforced with a grid of high-strength sheathed steel, which makes cracking less likely. Low-maintenance bioswale landscaping around the courts allows water runoff to be filtered through cobble, sand and rock to remove pollution and be carried away to a campus storm drain. The improved drainage should make the courts ready for play soon after a storm.

The college expects to save money with reduced maintenance costs.

The project had a $2.7 million budget, and final costs are expected to come in under that, Krueger said.

The district contracted Court Concepts Inc., a Santee-based company that specializes in game court design, construction and renovation, to do the work.

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