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BIMobject Blog: From an owner’s perspective, lifecycle cost is a crucial parameter


10/01/18 – BIMobject Blog: From an owner’s perspective, lifecycle cost is a crucial parameter

We’re delighted to present John Turner, VP of Innovative Solutions at Gafcon, Inc., as one of the speakers at BIMobject LIVE 2018, Oct 9-10 in Malmö, Sweden. We look forward to listening as he shares his insights on how BIM is transforming the industry.

Gafcon Inc. is a large construction and program management firm based in San Diego. Recognized as one of the nation’s premier construction services firms in a ranking by Engineering News-Record earlier this year, Gafcon, Inc. plays a prominent part in the digitalization of the industry.

“My focus is examining how we can use technology to change the way we do construction. We want to be able to do and try out everything in a virtual environment, so that we get to solve problems before they arise: virtually rather than physically”, says John.

He points out that the prerequisite for this is access to detailed data and reliable data.

“It is the data that makes everything possible. Not only Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), but also Geographic Information System (GIS) programs, control systems, cost schedules, document control systems and data integration.”

Gafcon, Inc.’s clients range from large real estate owners maneuvering multibillion-dollar programs, to individuals building the house of their dreams.

“In our owner-centric workflows, lifecycle cost is a crucial parameter that has gotten easier to calculate thanks to the data available through BIMobject. The detailed information has introduced a new level of predictability around safety, quality and costs.”

John uses a musical analogy, comparing the construction process to that of an orchestra.

“The question is how we best can orchestrate all these complex processes, and how can we rehearse the orchestra to make sure once it’s time for première, everything goes well,” he says.

By trying out different solutions in a controlled virtual environment, immense savings can be made and risk is largely reduced.

“The goal is to model everything in alignment with a digital twin”, says John.

John Turner is one of the keynote speakers at BIMobject LIVE 2018 in Malmö, October 9-10. In his speech he will provide a deeper insight into how BIM can be maneuvered and facilitated from an owner's management, and he will talk about what the implications are from a manufacturers perspective - today and tomorrow.

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