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BIMobject and Gafcon Partner


3/29/18 – NASDAQ: BIMobject and US-based BIM experts Gafcon form partnership
BIMobject and Gafcon, a well-established and fast-growing construction management firm, have signed a partnership agreement to improve property owner control and transparency. The partnership is formed around BIMobject's Hercules platform, an important tool to realise the full benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology.

Gafcon, based in San Diego and Los Angeles, is focused on driving building processes to ensure transparency at every stage. The use of BIM is at the centre of this process and the Hercules platform, a private cloud solution, will be an essential tool in enabling owner control and transparency throughout the whole lifecycle, from design and construction to management and renovation.

The majority of firms in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry already use BIM in their projects. However, the understanding of the full benefits of this transformational technology is still lagging among property owners, and adoption is in an early but growing phase.

Gafcon has leveraged BIM as a tool that significantly improves insight and control of managed projects. BIM will also deliver savings in the operational lifecycle of the facility, long after the projects are completed. This owner-centric approach to BIM drives efficiency, improves quality, and mitigates risks throughout the entire project value chain. Gafcon sees the Hercules platform as an enabler and a Single Source of Truth of up-to-date product information of property-specific and pre-specified construction and interior design products.

With the support of BIMobject, Gafcon will implement the Hercules platform in different building management projects. Gafcon works with customers both in the private and public sector. Projects range from casinos, hotels, and San Diego Port, to community colleges, universities, Disney resorts and many more.

The partnership will strengthen BIMobject's market position in the US, and add value to Gafcon's customer offering. The Hercules platform will be introduced to an important and extensive customer base, and will lead to important knowledge-sharing as well as development of BIM technology within property engineering and management.

"We are very proud to work together with Gafcon, and I am convinced that the collaboration will bring technology and processes together. Hercules is a unique solution, and Gafcon's expertise will leverage its value. Owners will get a competitive advantage while minimising risk, improving control on sustainability, and lowering the total cost of ownership", says Stefan Larsson, founder and CEO of BIMobject.

"Gafcon has always focused on using technology to innovate the construction process", says Yehudi Gaffen, CEO of Gafcon, Inc. "As much as 50% of a typical project's costs can be attributed to waste and inefficiency. Using BIM and virtual design and construction practices has greatly improved record-keeping and saved our clients time and money in the development and maintenance phases of their projects."

About BIMobject®
BIMobject® is a Swedish technology company with a global presence operating at the forefront of digitalising the building industry. BIMobject provides a cloud-based platform and powerful technology to make digital product information available for Building Information Modelling (BIM), allowing its use early in the building process for visualisation, specification, and analysis. The platform collects valuable data that streamlines the construction industry throughout the product lifecycle. More intelligent design and construction lead to better product selections, reduced waste, and more efficient logistics during the building process. At the same time, property management benefits from higher quality, improved use of energy, and lower operating costs.

Today, BIMobject operates in a number of markets and has a global growth strategy. The company's offerings include development, hosting, management, and publishing of digital versions of manufacturer products: BIM objects. Its customers are building and interior product manufacturers who market their products via the BIMobject® Cloud. The user base consists primarily of architects, designers, and engineers, who access the BIMobject® Cloud through CAD/BIM-applications, apps, and web services. The BIM objects are integrated into a detailed model of the building, which increases the chance that the real products will be selected for purchase.

BIMobject is a public company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North with the ticker symbol BIM.

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