The Seaport Village project has been very passionate for us and we’ve kind of been really actively involved in it and as Seaport Village Tenants, we really reached out to everybody to see what everyone wanted to do. We are very uncertain how the future is going to playout for us as tenants with this construction period. It’s our livelihood and so it how we pay the bills. We need to make sure that things are flowing correctly and that the tenants are protected. Gafcon has been wonderful about that. Gafcon has done their best to make sure all the tenants feel comfortable and give them some assurance that they will be able to keep their business open during the construction period and there will be a future for them once the site is built out. You can trust Gafcon that they will work with you. They’ll be your best ally, asset and trust they are going to be loyal to you and your company.

Chris and Annie Glenn, Seaport Village Tenants and Activists for Save Seaport Village