Pam Gaffen

Chair of the Board

Pam Gaffen, Chair of the Board and Co-founder of Gafcon, is integral in the success and accomplishments of the company. With more than 35 years of industry experience, Pam is involved in the overall management of Gafcon by overseeing the corporate and operational functions of the Board of Directors, as well as integrating company values across all departments.

Pam’s management experience with construction projects includes the largest shopping mall in Cape Town, South Africa, and numerous high-end, custom residences. Most recently Pam redesigned and renovated both the building interior and the exterior landscape for Gafcon’s new corporate headquarters in Sorrento Mesa. She created a space reflective of modern aesthetics while incorporating Gafcon’s vibrant culture and her South African roots. Pam not only provides balance and an exquisite sense of style to the firm, she is key to the unique culture and values of Gafcon.
Pam enjoys cooking, travel, interior and landscape design, and collecting rare African art.