Program Manager
Joined Gafcon 2009

For nearly seven years, I have been a Program Manager overseeing educational bond programs for Gafcon. I direct our project teams and each project as well as liase with our clients to collaborate and to report our strategies and progress. My focus is on ensuring each moving part comes together towards the client’s and project team’s collective final vision. This requires continuous clear communication with district staff and stakeholders in order to determine productive and valuable solutions throughout the process. At Gafcon, we believe that developing relationships and building trust with our clients is a key factor to the success of the project.

I am a firm believer that if you are not learning then you are not growing and each new program has allowed me to learn something new. In my personal life, I am always up for a new adventure, often times dragging my family along for the ride. Working at Gafcon has allowed me to use my 20 years of experience, my creativity and my innate ability to bring people together all while getting the job done, which makes work interesting and fun.

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