Pre-Construction Services

After 30 years in program and project management, we have come to realize that a successful project does more than focus on close-out from day one. As a result of Gafcon, Inc.’s continuous efforts to seek new knowledge and anticipate our clients’ needs, we have identified critical fields of expertise that mitigate risk from day one, protecting your interests, and achieving your vision.

Peer & Constructability Reviews

There’s a final opportunity to add a level of quality assurance to your design before your project enters construction—that opportunity is the peer review. Gafcon, Inc.’s Quality Management Program provides our clients with valuable input that improves the construction process while reducing costs—we accomplish this by performing both Peer and Constructability Reviews. During Peer Reviews, Gafcon, Inc.’s team of professionals carefully reviews the design and provides alternatives that address and improve building costs and performance. Constructability Reviews focus on identifying and recommending improvements on buildability, bid-ability, building systems and interdisciplinary coordination—these recommendations improve the overall quality of the design and construction documents resulting in substantial reduction of contractor change orders and requests for information (RFIs).  Each one approaches a different strategy, but they all result in value-added benefits that positively affect your bottom line.

Our clients are able to implement Gafcon-recommended saving strategies ranging from 5% to 10% of their total construction budget. For example, Cuyamaca College’s initial Student Center design left the food services to be constructed at a later time; however, Gafcon, Inc. recommended it be built into the renovation, thus saving the client $40,000 and three-months of the project schedule. In another instance, we were able to recommend the utilization of a modular steel framing system that saved $500,000 and reduced the schedule by five to seven weeks.

Gafcon, Inc. experience with programming and planning projects, as well as overseeing their construction, means that we can add value early on resulting in savings to both cost and schedule.


After more than 30 years and over 3,000 successful projects across a wide range of market sectors, Gafcon, Inc.’s scheduling services are unparalleled. Our history as a program, project, and construction manager for complex projects means that we offer an increased understanding of how to address and balance your schedule—particularly when time is money.

Scheduling remains one of the most critical components of planning and construction, starting with the Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule. Your project is a journey and a high-quality Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule plays many roles including prophet, guide, and historian. Your schedule will look ahead to the future to proactively identify challenges, advocate efficiency, and communicate potential delays or disruptions, and provide a record of lessons learned. It can also assist in quantifying damages after the project has been completed.

Gafcon, Inc.’s leverages the best in technology to improve our scheduling methodologies, focusing on efficiency and collaboration. We have revolutionized pull planning for our clients by developing a hybrid model that allows us to draw the schedule to scale, demonstrating dates, durations, relationships, and impact. This method improves short-term schedule projections and facilitates communication and collaboration more effectively.

Scheduling Services Include:

  • Program schedule development
  • Preliminary schedule development
  • Resource & cost allocation
  • Expert witness
  • Delay analysis
  • Review & analysis of progress schedules
  • Risk analysis & mitigation planning
  • Theory & software training
  • Time impact & delay analysis
  • Work-around & recovery schedule preparation
  • CPM training
  • Review & analysis of baseline schedules
  • BIM 4D analysis


When finances are a finite resource, you require every tool at your disposal to keep your project on the right financial track—cost estimating being one of the most important tools. With the right professional, a quality cost estimate will project costs utilizing the latest industry trends, account for inflation, and utilize a database built upon costs from real projects.

Working alongside our program, project, and construction managers, Gafcon, Inc.’s cost estimators have developed a strategic estimating methodology leveraging lessons learned from thousands of clients that accurately reflect the cost of your project based on its specific scope and location.

While this methodology provides for a strong foundation for your project to be built upon, it is also essential once your project commences construction. As change orders arise, Gafcon, Inc. reviews the contractors’ estimates, making sure that they are not over-inflated and reflect realistic industry costs. Our cost estimate reviews during construction have shown to save approximately 20% of the potential cost of change for owners, keeping the financial health of the project on track.

Whether your project is public or private, large or small, Gafcon, Inc. has the tools to look beyond the obvious, finding solutions to your complex project estimating goals.

Budgeting, Planning, and Programming

From master planning inspiring campus environments to managing complex construction projects, Gafcon, Inc. leverages lessons-learned to make sure your vision is delivered with innovation and efficiency. This big-picture-view enhances our ability to partner with you to deliver comprehensive services that work in harmony with your overall goals.

Gafcon, Inc. saves our clients time and funding by providing a thorough budget analysis that leads to project prioritization for efficient planning. We are also capable programmers, understanding your unique requirements as they relate to your overall goals. Our proven budgeting, planning, and programming methodologies lead to meaningful, inspired environments.


What if you could build your project before your project is built, minimizing surprises and risk once it enters the construction stage, and increasing quality and efficiency for the entire life of your project?

Conventional project management practices are far more effective through the application of a building information modeling (BIM)/virtual design and construction (VDC) approach. It allows for more effective multi-disciplinary constructability reviews and value engineering for the development of cost and schedule reduction strategies, as well as allowing for the entire team to be orchestrated and rehearsed before ground is broken. This leads to better and more efficient use of resources with a focus on safety and quality. Gafcon, Inc. has developed proven practices that lessen cost impacts. These processes yielded in excess of $7M in savings on a recent project valued at $100M.

Gafcon, Inc. strives to create value that long outlasts the construction of the project itself. We make certain that the fully documented BIM is provided to those who will ultimately care for the end-result, leading to efficiencies for the entire lifecycle of your project.

Property Condition Assessment

Whether you are looking at buying or already own property, a property condition assessment performed by licensed architects, engineers, and contractors can be an incredible tool to value and safeguard your investment. Gafcon, Inc.’s construction industry portfolio includes work in commercial, residential, mixed-use, and entertainment markets, as well as other types of facilities and properties. Gafcon, Inc.’s licensed professionals understand the real-world, current value of your investment, but also have an eye to the future for helping you to identify opportunities for short-term and long-term capital needs that will increase the value of your property. Recent property condition reports and market analyses have helped our clients identify the opportunity to exceed their revenue by more than 30%!

Why Light Blue?

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