Construction Claims Solutions

If something goes off target on a project, whether it is complete or just commencing, finding out how and why things went amiss can be a real challenge. Gafcon, Inc. takes a professional, independent approach to investigating each issue for our Owners, resolving claims by leveraging in-house claims experts.

As advocates for our clients, we provide guidance to help steer your project back on the right path. We offer solutions for schedule delay analysis and delay claims, claim mitigation and avoidance, cost analysis, damage assessments, change order impact, labor relations, expert witness and more. Unlike many “experts” who do nothing but provide courtroom testimony, our experts spend most of their time on construction sites, analyzing and solving the most challenging construction problems. Our clients value our real world and practical experience by finding ways to keep their project on schedule, on budget and out of the courtroom. Our 33 years of expertise in construction and project management is the foundation for the delivery of our claim services: practical, objective, and independent.

Whether we are saving our clients thousands or millions of dollars in project delays or change orders, we apply the same client centric approach by being responsive, cost effective and result oriented.

Delay, Disruption, & Critical Path

Schedule delays can impact budget and productivity, or even extinguish a project. Gafcon, Inc. provides industry leading solutions to solving delay issues and developing a critical path. Our experts can also determine effects on schedule and to quantify damages related to a dispute.

Contract Default & Termination

When a construction default happens, we are ready to help. We can analyze construction default and reduce the impact on the project by solving disputes, schedule delays, and productivity loss. When damages occur, we analyze and report on the role of each party, causes, and remediations.

Damage Calculations & Assessments

Construction damages can result in increased costs, schedule delays, productivity losses, and construction defects. We are well-versed in analyzing and quantifying the damages of construction claims. We perform an analysis to identify any potential impacts, like schedule inefficacies, change orders, productivity losses, and/or contract disputes.

Change Order Solutions

Changes are inevitable on a construction project. However, when a change order substantially impacts a project’s scope, schedule, and cost, we are ready to assist with experienced experts in reviewing and quantifying change orders.

Productivity Loss Analysis

Labor productivity loss usually causes contractual disputes and financial losses. Our team of experts analyze and solve the impact of adjustments to labor resources to the construction budget and schedule.

Expert Witness

Gafcon, Inc. has highly qualified experts who understand the complex nature of construction mediations, arbitration and litigation. Our team of experts are different than most – we actively work in the field serving our clients to deliver challenging projects. When Gafcon, Inc. is called upon to deliver testimony, we bring real world experience with clear and defensible testimony explaining the issues at hand that judges and juries find most convincing.

Why Light Blue?

Our Gafcon logo icon consists of six colors and tribal codes.

Light Blue stands for “Look beyond the obvious to find solutions to complex problems.”