The Wall Memorial

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Gafcon was the project manager and assisted in the development and implementation of the “Berlin Wall” exhibit – a special exhibit sponsored by the Wende Museum to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This outdoor exhibit features the erection of 10 actual concrete sections of the Berlin Wall, installed at 5900 Wilshire Boulevard. The original Berlin Wall segments were transported to Los Angeles and installed in mid-October 2009 on Wilshire Boulevard (watch the documentary). One piece had already been painted by the Berlin street artist Bimer, known for his bears. Once the Wall segments arrived in Los Angeles, four artists painted five assigned segments in public view. Two of the segments were commissioned by the renowned Los Angeles-based muralist Kent Twitchell. Another segment was painted by the French-born, Berlin-based artist Thierry Noir who was one of the first artists to paint on the Berlin Wall in the early 1980s. Farrah Karapetian and Marie Astrid González, two emerging artists from Los Angeles, each painted the remaining two segments.

Gafcon also facilitated the construction of a “mock” Berlin Wall across Wilshire Boulevard, which was ceremoniously demolished on the 20th anniversary date.

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