The San Diego Jewish Academy

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The San Diego Jewish Academy (SDJA) campus, a 22 acre “green school”, was built on a 40 acre parcel in San Diego, CA. In 2000, the SDJA retained Gafcon to provide program management services on this 140,000 square-foot project designed to serve over 1200 students.

During the project, Gafcon took into consideration the specific needs of this environmentally conscious school. The design goal of the academy was to create a self-contained, ecologically friendly campus in which students could learn about their natural environment. Gafcon’s emphasis was placed on building a low-visual impact facility that would blend with the rugged hillside, and serve as a protective wall around sensitive slopes and surround wetlands to preserve native habitat.

Gafcon provided facilitation services during the land acquisition and agency approval processes. Other project duties included design oversight, programming, budgeting and preconstruction and construction services for a K-12 campus, gymnasium, learning center, administration building and multi-purpose building.