Orange Unified School District

The scope of the project involves a new 61,000 SF STEM building that includes 12 science labs, 12 classrooms, student services, and administrative offices. Construction also includes the conversion of the existing administration building into a new student food services and kitchen facility, new entry at the multi-purpose building, student parking lot and drop-off expansion, campus infrastructure upgrades, and general ADA upgrades across the campus. Though this project is still in the early stages of its life-cycle, the Gafcon team has managed to find savings in excess of $1.5M for the District through strategic planning and creative value engineering.
For example by suggesting the use of ConXtech, a modular steel framing system, the team was able to save $500K in materials cost and inspection, as well as a reduction to the construction schedule of approximately six weeks. The team also recommended that bid packages be reduced from four separate packages and combine into a single package. This resulted in cost savings for the bid preparation, contractor general conditions, and overhead. It also allowed the project to have one major general contractor instead of four separate general contractors on the site. In another instance, the team suggested the use of a temporary modular kitchen facility instead of providing a temporary modular building to house the school’s administrative staff, resulting in a cost savings of approximately $900K. The administration staff will move from their existing building into the new STEM Building when it is completed, thus eliminating one moving cost of approximately $45K.