Acacia and Baobab Wire Trees

Acquired through Avoova in Cape Town, South Africa

David Blackie

Born in Scotland in 1951 and educated there. Entered the banking world in 1968 and before being offered a 1 year contract in South Africa in 1976, I worked for a Swiss based private bank in London.

After my year in South Africa, I was approached by a merchant bank to stay here and subsequently worked primarily in the private banking field until I retired in 1997 following my move to Prince Albert in June 1996 with the objective of leading a more holistic and less stressful lifestyle. I became a citizen in 1991 after Mr Mandela's release as I wished to make a positive contribution under the new dispensation.

I was invited by my friend, Tessa Collins at the beginning of May 2011, to assist her in making the Bushveld Wire Tree Sculptures as she had recognized my interest and involvement in creative artwork. In August 2013, Tessa decided to hand over the work in its entirety to me and I've continued solo with it ever since.

To purchase Bushveld trees handmade by David Blackie, visit The Prince Albert Gallery.

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