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Technology Construction Solutions
Our goal is to transform the building lifecycle: to make it cheaper, faster, safer while improving quality, through a focus on processes and technologies. With experience in Education, Healthcare, Commercial, Entertainment, Public, Private, and High Tech, we are a full service Owners’ Representative that differentiates itself through the innovative incorporation of technology within a collaborative and transparent project approach.

These technologies include the implementation of Project and Program Management Systems from an Owner’s perspective, as well as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Business Intelligence and Reporting, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Reality Capture, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and supporting data services. We are software agnostic, and work with you to choose the best technology solution for your project—delivering the visibility, transparency, and governance that you desire, with the collaboration and control that you need.

Technology is rapidly evolving, and the construction industry generally lags significantly behind all other industries. At Gafcon, we strive to stay ahead of the curve, incorporating the latest emerging technologies and processes to augment your existing systems to keep our clients ahead of their competition. We provide the right technology process to effectively and efficiently complete the project lifecycle. Thus, we assist in making the unpredictable, predictable.

Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)
Projects and programs need a single source of truth, where all facilities and construction activities can be tracked by everyone, from the client to the general contractor and architect to the project managers and field personnel. Even the best managed projects and programs will experience unpredictable events. However, knowing the progression of your project with real time visibility into cost, scope, and schedule helps to inform all and keep surprises to a minimum. Because our technology professionals work side-by-side with program, project, and construction managers, they have first-hand insight into challenges at every level and have worked to develop key configurations inside technology solutions that address these challenges and lead to our clients’ success.

We are technology agnostic, partnering with Unifier, eBuilder, and Kahua to bring the best possible solution for each client’s needs.
A key component of our PMIS success is our ability to leverage best-in-class technology solutions, integrated within a BIM centric workflow, to support the entire lifecycle of a project—from concept and construction through ongoing operations and maintenance.

Digital Twin/The OneModel Approach: Supporting the Journey from Virtual to Physical
Gafcon is currently providing Digital Twin technology for one of our confidential high-tech “Fortune 50” clients. This is placing us at the forefront of this emerging technology. Digital Twin is all the buzz right now, allowing for amazing integration of all construction disciplines to one true source of information. Digital Twin is the virtual model of a physical asset. Every component of the physical asset is represented in the virtual model, along with its functionality. The virtual model is connected to the physical asset over a network to collect data from the operations and give inputs into the working of the physical asset. Gafcon’s OneModel Approach allows us to help the sophisticated user “Build the project before the project is built.” The OneModel delivers data collaboration, which facilitates human collaboration. This process allows Owners more predictability in cost, schedule, quality, and safety.

The OneModel Approach includes:

  • Creating the vision/road map to deliver the change
  • Attracting the best partners by increasing the benefits/margins to all through the elimination of waste
  • Focusing on collaboration
  • Providing the entire team with a collaborative and managed virtual environment – The OneModel
  • Encountering and solving problems in the virtual world
  • Coordinating across the complete building lifecycle
  • Reducing decision-making cycles
  • Delivering a safer and higher quality building, at a faster pace and a lower cost

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)
Gafcon brings an Owner’s perspective to our implementation of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) solutions on capital building programs and projects. Our interest is not in specific software or narrow use cases, it is in how we maximize the value of each technology to assist project Owners to better define, implement, and manage a project’s scope.

VDC solutions are becoming more sophisticated and improving our ability to effectively deliver projects. But it can be a challenge to navigate and evaluate the growing number of applications on the market and their advancing functionality. We help our clients leverage VDC tools as diverse as BIM, GIS, IoT, VR and AR, but within integrated and accessible solutions that address unique organizational requirements.

Gafcon provides strategic consulting services to help project Owners articulate their vision, create technology roadmaps, and define requirements for the teams working on their projects. Our technical resources design, implement, and maintain the technology platform solutions required to effectively optimize VDC processes. And we augment our client’s staff with the people they need to execute new best practices that increase efficiencies, improve quality and mitigate risk throughout the entire value chain in the project.

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