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Communication and outreach is fundamental to all we do. Because taxpayers fund the majority of our programs, transparency is an essential requirement for a program’s success. Gafcon’s clients’ demand and deserve a strategic and well-executed communication program that incorporates every form of outreach from well-designed and user-friendly websites, social media, newsletters, reports and specialty publications, performance dashboards and well-organized events. As the saying goes – “perception is reality” – and we are committed to being proactive about telling the story of your good work to build and maintain the public’s trust and confidence.

Gafcon supports and manages the structure and functions of state-required educational bond program citizen oversight committees. Our experienced communications staff supports these important and valued advisory groups, providing everything from strategic member recruitment, to managing meeting agendas and activities, to developing presentations, providing meeting minutes, and ensuring full compliance and transparency with state requirements.

Our services include:

  • Media relations
  • Small business outreach program management and support
  • Community outreach program management and support
  • Citizens’ Oversight Committee management and support
  • Event planning and management
  • Program and project progress documentation
  • Reporting and publication support (content development and design)
  • Social media management
  • Website design and management
  • Employee portal/intranet design
  • Pursuit of program awards and recognition

EXAMPLE - We are adaptive and quick to respond:
Frustrated with some of the construction activities at the college he lived next to, a local resident called a reporter at a local television station rather than contact the college directly to discuss his concerns. Gafcon’s communications manager was contacted to provide media relations guidance and management. She immediately went to the site, reviewed the issues with the neighbor, began a dialogue between the neighbor and the campus, spoke to the investigative reporter, and was able to turn the neighbor’s call for action into a non-story. The interaction provided an excellent opportunity for the college to foster a more open and communicative relationship with the neighbor and to engage him in ways he hadn’t been receptive to prior.

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