Labor Relations Services

Whether your projects are in education, healthcare, entertainment, affordable housing, or public works, we can ensure they stay in compliance with your labor agreements. Gafcon was one of the first State approved Labor Compliance Programs. Our experienced team uses approved methodology for collecting, reviewing and enforcing prevailing wage and all ancillary document requirements. The Gafcon Way is a proactive approach to ensuring Contractors know the rules and regulations prior to working on the project.

The insight gained from the evaluation of a wide range of agency practices, lessons learned from the administration of hundreds of public works projects, study of existing state approved programs, and active involvement in providing compliance monitoring services to a wide variety of clients, all combine to make Gafcon uniquely qualified and prepared to meet the challenge of providing prevailing wage consulting services.

Our services include:

  • Labor Compliance Program Management design, implementation and enforcement
  • Project Labor Agreement/Project Stabilization Agreement management
  • Workforce demographics monitoring and reporting
  • Workforce participation monitoring and reporting
  • Community outreach
  • Contractor outreach
  • EEO monitoring and reporting
  • MBE/WBE/DBE/DVBE participation outreach
  • SBX 2-9 compliance
  • Compliance Monitoring Unit (CMU) Assistance

EXAMPLE - We are customer-service oriented:
A large awarding agency was starting construction on a project funded by Proposition XX and realized they did not have the required Department of Industrial Relations (“DIR”) approved Labor Compliance Program (LCP). Construction was slated to start immediately but was halted due to the regulations requiring LCP approval prior to construction. Gafcon collected all of the pertinent information and wrote and submitted the LCP application and manual for approval within two days. The LCP was expedited through the approval process with our assistance. The client was able to commence construction with a limited delay and completed the project on time.

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