Dana Point

Video Testimonial

A History of Waterfront Expertise

Client Testimonials

“I would like to recognize Gafcon for their strong commitment and assertiveness on the Port of Los Angeles Waterfront project. Integral to the Master Development Plan were Gafcon’s economic and financial analysis services, project management, design management, cost estimating, scheduling, and public outreach coordination… I believe that Gafcon’s performance will exceed your expectations.”

Charles Turner, Former Acting Director, Financial Management
Port of Los Angeles

“A very belated thank you for the pleasure of working beside you on the Carlsbad Unified School District Bond Program. It takes a good team, with great people to successfully complete such a challenging endeavor. But together we did it! The program/project managers and the support staff you shared with us were second to none!”

Suzanne O’ Connell, Former Superintendent
Carlsbad Unified School District

“Commitment to the project, attention to detail, willingness to be flexible, creative thinking and diplomatic guidance of project under frustrating circumstances.”

Eric Johnson, Board Member
The Accelerated School

“Gafcon provides to our staff a multi-disciplined approach to projects providing for us greater capacity and capability to deliver projects at the lowest cost and best value.”

Bill Cecil, Capital Projects Manager
City of Coronado

“On behalf of the citizens of San Juan Capistrano, I would like to thank Gafcon’s Andrew Regenberg for getting a unanimous vote to move forward with the preferred alternative. It will provide a much needed revenue stream to our City and allow for a great use of this parcel.”

Sam Allevato, Former Councilman
City of San Juan Capistrano

The Right Team for Dana Point


Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen
Years Experience: 42
Benefits: Gaf brings expertise from multiple multi-million-dollar waterfront revitalization projects.
Why I want to Work on the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization project…
"I have been fortunate to lead and watch our team deliver countless pubic serving projects – a focus that has enabled me to watch communities enjoy the projects we are a part of. I have always had a special passion for waterfront projects. To be able to serve as your owner representative on the Dana Point Harbor project would be an honor."


William Morrison
Owner’s Representative
Years Experience: 19
Benefits: William brings recent successful experience delivering multiple P3/lease lease-back projects for the coastal community of Carlsbad.
Why I want to Work on the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization project…
"All of my best childhood memories are about growing up in the communities of Orange County. This is a wonderful opportunity to enrich the lives of friends and family who still call it home and frequently visit Dana Point. This will be a collaborative, once-in-a-lifetime effort to support the County in reimagining Dana Point Harbor for the benefit of generations to come."


Raquel Guerrero
Assistant Project Manager
Years Experience: 11
Benefits: Raquel has provided exceptional quality control support on many $100M+ high-profile projects including the Port of Long Beach.
Why I want to Work on the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization project…
"For many years, the Dana Point Harbor was an extension of my home. Having previously lived in Orange County, the opportunity to give back to the community that provided me with so many rich memories is an honor that I can’t wait to contribute to!"


Alan Campbell
Years Experience: 23
Benefits: Local, Orange County market knowledge serving as lead estimator on multiple high-profile projects.
Why I want to Work on the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization project…
"This project has been in the pipeline for some time now and Cumming (and in particular, my office) have been involved along the way. Living close to Dana Point, coupled with our history on this project, it would be a great personal achievement to be part of the team that successfully delivers the project for the County."


Paul Gherini
Financial Analyst
Years Experience: 11
Benefits: Exceptional understanding of the unique financial aspects of P3 endeavors, maximizing his clients’ profitability.
Why I want to Work on the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization project…
"I would like to work on this project so that I can help ensure the County, the public, and the developer are all financially satisfied in what will be a legacy post card project for all stakeholders. I look forward to taking my children someday to go sailing, dining, and to the museums and telling them their dad helped make this project work."


Sean Olcott
Project Technology Advisor
Years Experience: 10+
Benefits: Key understanding of integrating Smart City solutions on large development projects.
Why I want to Work on the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization project…
"I am inspired by large transformative projects and am an advocate for innovation in our industry. The Dana Point project is an excellent opportunity to deliver iconic public facilities using exciting new tools and processes."