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ABC 10 News: Celebrating Community: Honoring Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Canh Tran, an instrumental part of the Seaport redevelopment in downtown San Diego, shares his story of fleeing Vietnam to come to the U.S. and his outlook on the Asian community’s growth in San Diego.

" I was in middle school, I was in 7th grade taking drafting and in my mind at the time I'm thinking, 'you can actually get paid to just sit and draw, you know that's pretty cool.' So that's when it started in middle school. There was always that stereotype of asians being only in certain industries and what not. We've come a long way, whether it's politicians, whether it's in Hollywood, or whether it's just in any field. I'm proud to be a part of the asian community in San Diego."


Watch Canh Tran's, Senior Project Manager of Gafcon, Video Below


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