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Daily Transcript: Gafcon Offers a ‘Return to Office’ Template

07/29/20 – Gafcon offers a ‘return to office’ template
Daily Transcript Staff Report

The San Diego-based construction management firm Gafcon Inc. has initiated a “Return-to-Office” service for those who own, operate and manage property to develop cost-saving way tools for safely reopening their businesses.

Gafcon’s service, which relies heavily on available technology, intends to offer an organized, efficient way to manage multiple projects, contractors and even the expenditure of government funds across multiple facility locations while ensuring that spaces are ready for use.

Commercial property owners can use the service in deploying technology to prepare spaces for tenants to return during the COVID-19 pandemic. Owners are relying on government checklists, guidance and funding to ensure they have the people and finances in place to address everything from workstation distancing and conference room uses to air ventilation and hand washing stations
“Failure to implement these return-to-office readiness elements is not only a liability, but can be the difference between life and death,” Gafcon stated.

When hurricanes Irma and Maria left a trail of destruction across the U.S. Virgin Islands, including many uninhabitable homes in 2017, Gafcon helped the local housing agency upgrade existing software so it could be used to not only set up processes for data collection, validation, reporting and to track progress, but also — importantly — to manage all activities and documentation for FEMA reimbursements.

Gafcon reviews systems, assets and technologies already in place and makes custom recommendations for space management and re-allocation, templates to conduct readiness checks, and a roadmap for installing or upgrading existing software systems that track these activities. Read More> *Subscription required

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