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AutomationWorld: Digital Twin Consortium Founded

06/11/20 – Digital Twin Consortium Founded
Ansys, Dell, and Microsoft are among the founding members of a new consortium created to develop standard terminology and reference architectures around digital twin technology, in addition to sharing use cases across industries.
Author – David Greenfield

The Object Management Group (OMG), host of the Industrial Internet Consortium and developer of enterprise integration standards and modeling standards such as the Unified Modeling Language and Model Driven Architecture, has announced the launch of the Digital Twin Consortium. Co-founders of the consortium include Ansys, Dell Technologies, Lendlease, and Microsoft.

Other member organizations cited in OMG’s announcement of the consortium include the U.S. Air Force Research Lab, Bentley Systems, Executive Development, Gafcon, Geminus.AI, Idun Real Estate Solutions AB, imec, IOTA Foundation, IoTIFY, Luno UAB, New South Wales Government, Ricardo, Willow Technology, and WSC Technology.

Membership in the Digital Twin Consortium is open to any business, organization or entity with an interest in digital twins. Members note their commitment to using digital twins throughout their operations and supply chains and capturing best practices and standards requirements for themselves and their clients. Read More>

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