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Gafcon Becomes Groundbreaking Member

05/21/20 – Gafcon Becomes Groundbreaking Member of Digital Twin Consortium™
Gafcon to use construction project management expertise to help advance the use of digital twin technologies

Gafcon, Inc. is honored to announce that it is a Groundbreaking member of the newly formed Digital Twin Consortium™, a global partnership between academia, industry and government. Founded by commerce leaders including Lendlease, Object Management Group®, Microsoft, Dell and ANSYS, the Consortium will create a global ecosystem of users who are accelerating the digital twin market while demonstrating the value of digital twin technology. Digital Twin Consortium drives the adoption, development, interoperability and use of digital twin technology while propelling innovation through consistent approaches and open source development. Gafcon will participate as a thought leader to provide lessons learned and innovative approaches to advance best practices, intelligence, requirements and standardization of digital twin processes.

If the digital twin lifecycle of a building could be split into two, its creation and its use, then Gafcon focuses on its creation. Gafcon’s use of the digital twin approach allows users to build a project virtually before it is built physically. Gafcon provides owners with the processes by which a digital twin can be created in a software agnostic manner. In the role of Digital Twin Integrator, Gafcon is responsible for the deployment of a customized virtual replica that incorporates all relevant data from a plethora of software platforms to make certain all components are configured and represented. Gafcon works with all parties required to plan, design, procure and construct the physical asset by first providing the digital asset, which is foundational to the use of a digital twin in the maintenance and operations phases of the lifecycle. Read More>

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