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e-Builder Partner Spotlight: Gafcon

05/15/20 – Delivering the Gafcon Digital Twins and e-Builder Solution

Gafcon, Inc. is an Owner Representative based in San Diego, CA with 33 years of experience helping clients in the private and public sectors. Gafcon Digital is the evolution of their Innovative Solutions Group and is focused on the use of Digital Twins in the digital building lifecycle. This process provides Owners with the ability to Plan, Design, Procure and Construct in a virtual environment that is a replica of the building with a fully coordinated model incorporating all components of one inch and above. This is not just a visual model but it provides the data required to ensure collaboration by all involved in the process as well as the data required for the operations phase, for example, warranty information; Maintenance Schedule, Manufacturer, serial numbers, etc. It can even incorporate data on the sensors that link the physical world to the virtual world of Internet of Things (IoT). Gafcon has now supervised the design and construction of around fifty Digital Twins projects.

As an e-Builder Gold Certified Partner and Diamond Sponsor at Elevate 2019, Gafcon has made the delivery of the integrated Digital Twins and e-Builder solution a critical part of their business strategy. Read More>

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Gafcon Becomes Groundbreaking Member

05/21/20 – Gafcon Becomes Groundbreaking Member of Digital Twin Consortium™ Gafcon to use construction project management expertise to help advance the use of digital twin technologies Gafcon, Inc. is honored to announce that it is a Groundbreaking member of the newly formed Digital Twin Consortium™, a global partnership between academia, industry and government. Founded by …read more

Gafcon and SDCCD - Building Together

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