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ENR 2019’S TOP 100 FIRMS

6/12/19 – ENR 2019’s Top 100 Professional Service Firms: Companies Aim to Offer Clients More

By Gary J. Tulacz

ENR 2019’s Top 100 Professional Service Firms: Companies Aim to Offer Clients More
In the current hot industry market, third-party construction and program management firms also are finding new momentum. While some clients are choosing to bring project management in-house, many others, facing labor shortages among their contractors and designers, rising materials prices and effective pushback over risk-shifting, need a more professional approach to project controls and delivery.

The tension between a growing market and client in-sourcing is evident in results of this year’s ENR Top 100 Construction Management-for-Fee and Program Management Firms list. Revenue for the CM-PM group was up 7.4%, to $23.78 billion in 2018, from $22.14 billion in 2017. Domestic revenue from their work was sluggish, rising only 2.6%, to $18.20 billion; but CM-PM revenue from projects and programs abroad rose a strong 26.8% to $5.58 billion in 2018.

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