21st Century Education

Computer based learning is flipping the classroom from teacher centric to student centric. Spaces once designed educators standing in front of desks are being replaced by interactive environments, designed for pupils to learn using various new models. Terms like “the camp fire”, “the cave”, “the mountain top” and “the sandpit” are becoming the standard as the benefits of these techniques are becoming better practiced and understood. Gafcon creates value for our clients by recognizing emerging trends and partnering with experts on their delivery.

Gafcon has developed a methodology for customizing the delivery of 21st Century Education. We have reciprocal relationships with the University of San Diego’s Mobile Technology Learning Center and with architects who understand how to incorporate these principles into the design of new and refurbished buildings.

Our methodology is illustrated in the diagram – we would be pleased to provide you with details of its benefit to you and those you educate.

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